I ain't no damsel in distress.

And I don't need to be rescued.

Not a Pretty Girl
25 January
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"She is hailing a cab.
She is sailing down the avenue.
She's 19 going on 30,
or maybe she's really 30 now ...
it's hard to say.
It's hard to keep up with time once it's on its way.

And, you know, she never had much of a chance,
born into a family built like an avalanche,
and somewhere in the 80s -
between the oat bran and the ozone,
she started to figure out things like why.
One eye pointed upwards looking for the holes in the sky,
one eye on the little flashing red light,
a Picasso face twisted and listing down the canvas
of the end of an endless night."
-Ani Difranco

I'm just a senior Creative Writing major with a minor in psychology living in the woods of northern Maine, patiently waiting to earn my degree. I am obsessed with music. Particularly Pearl Jam and Ani Difranco. I can be very opinionated. The Red Sox winning the World Series made me ecstatic. Bush being re-elected made me depressed.

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